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Related article: Date: Mon, 15 May 2006 07:33:26 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jack Santoro
Subject: Exploring, Part 21, Adult Friends, 21/?Exploring, Part 21
By Two weeks passed without incident, and then I heard
the news that another doctor had been shot in Los
Angeles. Jim phoned me before the story broke on the
TV news, and he told me that a Doctor Ralph Ripper had
taken a rifle bullet in the head outside his home that
afternoon. What made this shooting different was that
the doctor had been retired for years. The shooter had
gotten away without being seen, but based on the
recovered bullet, the police thought that the weapon
had been a Winchester Model 70 firing a .308 caliber
"Why on Earth would anyone shoot a retired doctor?" I
asked. "All of those who've been shot were active."
Jim replied that he didn't know but would search for a
connection and get back to me.
Just before five, as 202 lolitas mamadas espanolas I was about to leave the office,
Jim phoned again. I'd seen the TV coverage but it
didn't reveal anything new. Jim asked to meet me at my
house, and that he would bring Chinese take-out. We
both loved Chinese food and there was an excellent
buffet-style Chinese restaurant not far from me.
Jim arrived just before six, holding a large paper
bag from which the delicious aromas of Chinese cooking
wafted. We set out the food and began eating with
gusto, as teen young lolita bbs we'd both skipped lunch. As we ate, Jim
filled me in regarding what he'd discovered:
"I had to dig a little, but I put Doctor Ripper's
name on Google and came up with several hits. He's
been retired ten years, but long before he retired he
invented the Ripper Clip-Clamp."
"What's that?" I asked, although I had a good idea.
"The Clip-Clamp is a cheap and dirty disposable
plastic device for performing circumcision. Before the
Clip-Clamp was invented, doctors had to use stainless
steel instruments, and some of those were pretty
expensive. They were also harder to use. In 1955
Doctor Ripper brought the Clip-Clamp onto the market,
and it really took off."
"I guess a lot of baby foreskins got chopped because
of the Clip-Clamp," I speculated.
"Lots and lots," Jim answered. "The story's really
bizarre. Back then only doctors did circumcisions.
Poor people and those on various public health plans
often didn't get circumcised because they couldn't
afford it. For example, African-Americans were rarely
"Yeah, I'd noticed that when I lolita young preteen 9yo
was a kid," I said.
"Black kids and Puerto Ricans didn't usually get cut.
Most White kids lost their foreskins before they got
out of the hospital."
"Well, the Clip-Clamp changed that. Hospitals for
indigents began assigning nurses to circumcise babies,
saving the doctors' time. It didn't matter that they
weren't trained surgically and did crude jobs. The
patients couldn't complain because they weren't
paying. The Indian Health Service bought a lot of them
too. Before then, Native American boys practically
never got circumcised. Once they started using the
Clip-Clamp, they'd line Indian babies up each morning
and a nurse would go down the line, slipping on the
clamp and cutting the skin off with scissors. You can
see what a big difference that made."
"Did they ask the mother's permission?"
"Hell, no!" Jim retorted. "The mothers were in
charity hospitals. They had nothing to say about it.
When they were ready for discharge the nurses just
handed them their circumcised babies and told them to
go home. Lots of baby boys went home without their
skins because of Doctor Ripper."
"Millions, I'd guess."
"Yeah, Jack, millions. That makes for a mighty big
suspect list."
"Millions of kids who eventually grew up, maybe
resented having been cut, and it takes only one to ice
Doctor Ripper," I said.
"You and I didn't like being cut, but we did
something positive about it," Jim said. "Still, I
can't condemn the shooter." He gripped my arm across
the table. "I hope they never catch him. Does that
sound so awful?"
"No, Jim," I answered. "I feel the same way."
"Neither of us is going to shed tears for that
cocksucker Ripper," Jim said emphatically. We ate the
rest of the meal in silence, enjoying the tasty dishes
and immersed in our private thoughts.
Once we'd finished, I gathered up the cardboard
containers, paper plates, and plastic forks, and put
them in the garbage. Out of habit, we walked back to
the bedroom and undressed.
"You're using a long insert now," I commented as I
eyes his penis. It was clear that a long tapered
cylinder extended from the bulge of his helmet to
where the foreskin was taped in a tight ring at the
"Yeah, the old one was getting a little loose. Now I
use a two-incher to give me more tension. I still use
that betamethasone cream, though." As he spoke he
unwound the tape ring from the end of his foreskin,
allowing the insert to slide out into his palm.
"Hell, Jim, you've got more than an inch overhang
there," I said. As I spoke I felt a stirring in my
"That's the idea. Remember, you can never have too
much foreskin." He began to slide his long loose hood
back and forth, gradually uncovering his purple
helmet. Although his prick was a little smaller than
mine, the head and shaft had the same proportions, and
his helmet was a smaller duplicate of mine. As we sat
side by side on the bed I reached into the bedside
drawer and took out the slim, battery-powered vibrator
I'd used on Brad a couple of weeks before.
"I know you like docking, Jim. How would you like
docking this vibrator?"
"Oh, yeah, Jack, I'd love to try that." He grasped my
engorging prick to give the head a few firm squeezes
that made the root of my prick contract. I gently
grasped his prick near the end, keeping the foreskin
firmly over his glans, and turned on the vibrator. Now
I slipped the vibrator's tapered round end into the
pucker. Jim went very still at the new and unfamiliar
sensation, and I gently pushed him flat on the bed.
"Oooooohhhh," he said. "That's so nice, so very
nice." I pushed the vibrator's tip deeper until I felt
resistance, and I knew I'd made contact with his slit.
Jim stiffened because the sensations were so intense,
and I knew that I'd be able to get him off this way.
"I can see your balls are getting tighter," I
commented. "Just stay relaxed and let me work on your
prick." I pushed the vibrator deeper to stimulate the
upper surface of his helmet, and ran it from side to
side. Jim had propped his head on a pillow to get a
good view, and now he was enjoying the sight of my
inserting the vibrator deeper into his hood.
"That vibrator's only a little more than half and
inch thick," he observed. "I shouldn't have any
trouble taking it inside my skin." I pushed it deeper,
far enough to touch his corona, and he sighed.
"That's one of the good things about it," I
explained. "This runs on a small AA Battery, and it's
narrow enough to fit inside your hood." Now I began to
work the vibrator down one side of his corona until I
almost reached the triangular groove under the head,
but then reversed course and brought it to the top
again, before starting down the other side. The
vibrator was deep enough for its tip to be snug
against his flaring rim, and I knew he was getting
intense sensations from it.
"That's going right through me," Jim murmured. I
pulled back slightly on his foreskin to expose the
front dome of his helmet.
"I can see it's really working on you," I observed.
"Your tip's gotten darker." I continued circling Jim's
rim, confident that the intense buzzing was getting
him worked up. The drops of clear fluid seeping from
his teardrop shaped orifice confirmed that he was very
aroused. They also lubricated the vibrator, making it
easier to slide around his glans.
"Just try to stay relaxed, Jim. This is pretty
intense, and you're going to be coming soon. Stay
relaxed and you'll enjoy it more when you little loli s bbs
coming." Now I brought the vibrator all the way down
and pressed it into the underside of his helmet,
stimulating his gee-string and making his entire body
tense up. I quickly removed it before I forced the
orgasm from him because I wanted him to enjoy a longer
"That was really hot, Jack. When you touched the tip
to my hot spot I almost lost it right then." Now I had
resumed working the vibrator around his swollen rim.
"I just wanted to give you a taste of what you'll be
feeling at the end. I want to work on your helmet a
little more before I make you shoot." I draw his long
foreskin back all the way onto his shaft, exposing
both his corona and the deep groove behind it. Slowly
I moved the tip of the vibrator into his groove,
hitting the nerve endings that rarely saw the light of
day. This made him tense up again, and I knew that I'd
be able to give him his orgasm this way as well.
"Oooooohhhh, that's really something," he said as he
threw his head back and closed his eyes. He was so
wrapped up in his own sensations that he'd released my
prick. Even without his fingers around it, my erection
remained firm, as I was caught up in the vicarious
excitement. Indeed, I ls magazine loli bbs
was trying to stay relaxed
because otherwise I might lose my load while
stimulating Jim.
"I'm going to work on your groove for awhile," I said
as I brought the vibrator around, tracing the
back-face 202 lolitas mamadas espanolas
of his corona and the groove behind it,
aware that the intense buzzing was stabbing deeply
into his nerve endings, even the buried ones. His
orifice was leaking lubricant and his entire helmet
was glossy and wet.
"Now I'm going to make you come," I said as I moved
the vibrator to the underside, pressing against his
gee-string. His prick jerked in my hand, and then
jerked again. lolita young preteen 9yo
He grunted and his legs began to tremble
as the vibrations filled his prick and reached down to
the root.
"HUNH! HUNH! HUNH!" he grunted as I felt the first
hard throb in his shaft and a thick rope of cream
burst from his gaping orifice to land on his stomach.
His stomach muscles contracted and he grunted again as
a second hot discharge erupted from his tip. The sight
of his straining prick shooting its joy juice almost
drove me over the edge as I kept the vibrator pressed
against his hot spot. The next load poured from his
teardrop, but instead of shooting into the air flowed
down over his dark purple helmet, coating it with
Jim's hips bucked as the fourth stream poured from
his helmet, dripping down into the triangular groove
and coating the business end of the vibrator. Another
grunt from Jim signaled the fifth discharge, and now a
sixth gush poured from his tip. I kept the vibrator
pressed into his gee-string until his discharges had
slowed to an ooze, knowing that the vibrator wouldn't
over-stimulate him. When his prick ceased its
throbbing I removed the vibrator.
I watched Jim's prick soften and shrink, the helmet
losing its dark purple color as it became smaller.
When I felt I could do so without causing him distress
from the friction, I eased the long foreskin over the
glans to keep it moist and protected. Jim lay still
for several minutes, recovering from the shattering
orgasm as his breathing returned to normal. Finally he
opened his eyes and looked at me:
"Wow! That was intense! I'd used a vibrator before,
but it feels different when someone else does it to
"That's been my experience too, Jim. I'd used a
vibrator to get off a lot, because I found that
although the nerve endings on my circumcised helmet
were desensitized, the vibrator reached deep inside to
hit the nerve endings buried below the surface. Then I
found that there is a difference between doing it to
myself and having somebody do it to me, just like
ordinary masturbation."
"Speaking of somebody doing it to you, you look like
you need some relief, even though your hard-on's gone
down a bit," he suggested.
"You're right, Jim. I could use a good orgasm by now.
I was close to coming while you were shooting. I'm
glad I didn't spill my load because it wouldn't have
been as good."
"So lie down now," he urged. "Just let me do it to
you like you did it to me." He sat up and grasped my
prick with his left hand as he picked up the vibrator
with his right. I was half-hard, and my prick came to
immediate attention at the touch of his fingers. I
felt my helmet swelling, stretching the covering hood
that covered it beyond the end. He turned on the
vibrator and touched it to the pucker at the end of my
"I'm going to have you dock erotica lolitas top lists it like you did to me," he
said as he gently pushed the vibrator's nose deeper
into my foreskin nipple. I felt the buzzing tip touch
my slit and my prick jerked involuntarily.
"You're not quite firm enough," he said as he withdrew
the vibrator. "I want you really hard, like you are
just before you come," he continued as he pressed the
vibrator's nose into the preteen bbs loli dorki hot spot under my glans. The
buzzing penetrated through the foreskin, hitting the
many nerve endings in my triangular groove, and I felt
the rush of additional blood as my prick engorged to
full firmness.
"Now you're ready," he said nude sleeping preteen lolita as he introduced the
vibrator's tip once more into my foreskin. When it
touched my gaping teardrop slit, I cried out and my
prick jerked hard.
"See, when your helmet's really hard the vibrator has
more effect than when it's still spongy. I found that
out when you did me." I said nothing, silently
enjoying the thrill of mechanical sex.
"Now I'm going to go deeper," he explained as he
pushed the vibrator farther into my hood. "I'll work
it around your rim a few times." I felt the magic
buzzing fill my corona as he circled it. At the same
time, the vibrator's body buzzed against the top and
sides of my glans.
"I guess it doesn't do much for lolita art model links your foreskin," he
observed. "You told me that the grafted skin isn't
"You're right, Jim. I can feel the buzzing a little in
my foreskin, but it's not very erotic. My helmet and
the groove behind it are where I get the most
"I think you said your hot spot's right under the
head, even though they cut off your gee-string," he
said. I was finding it harder to concentrate on his
words because the insistent erotic buzzing, filling my
glans with messages of joy, was dominating my
attention. Still, I managed to answer him:
"Yeah, there are still enough nerve endings under the
surface to make it really hot for me." Now Jim drew
back my hood all the way, baring my helmet and the
deep groove behind it.
"I'm going to do it to you the way you did it to me,"
he said. "I want to be able to hit all your hot spots,
and watch your big tip when it explodes." I felt the
vibrator's nose probing the deep groove behind my
corona, stimulating the back face as well.
"You've got all those little bumps behind your rim. I
know those are full of nerve endings," he said as he
worked the vibrator around my ridge, making my buds of
sensation sing in resonance with the buzzing. Despite
my effort to stay relaxed, I felt myself tensing deep
inside. My cock-head was fully engorged, ready to
burst, and aching for release. My eyes closed as I
withdrew into myself, anticipating the magic moment.
"Now for the payoff," he totally free lolita mpegs
said as he moved the
vibrator down, laying it along my shaft underneath.
The nose filled the triangular groove under the head,
sending its maddening buzzing into my hot spot. The
root of my prick contracted in response, and I felt a
wild tickle deep inside as the first hot jet shot into
my urethra. It burned its way up my prick to explode
into the air. Jim kept the vibrator pressed against
the underside of my prick, giving me no let-up in the
sensations, and I felt another spasm in the root of my
I was crying out in joyful agony, mindlessly, as my
entire body shuddered in orgasm. The vibrator was
ripping the orgasm from me, and it felt as if all of
my insides were being extruded through my straining
prick. Another hot jet pumped from my prick-root,
giving me another thrill as it seared its way up my
throbbing shaft.
The unrelenting buzzing filled my gothic and lolita sketches helmet, and I felt
several more hot throbs as the spasms in my prick-root
drained me dry. Finally, it was over, leaving me
torpid, exhausted from the frenzy of my orgasm. I lay
there recovering, and a couple of minutes later I was
back to normal.
"Thanks," I said as I opened my eyes. "That was
pretty hot, as you could tell."
"Oh, I knew exactly what you were feeling, Jack,
since I went through it myself not long ago."
"It was a really hot thrill," I lolita girls nude free added. "It was better
than if I'd done it to myself."
"I'm glad it was with you," Jim said tenderly as he
kissed me on the lips.
"Let's get cleaned up," I suggested. We shared the
shower and then I stripped the bed, putting on fresh
sheets to replace those sopping with our juices.
"Feel like a drink?" I asked. "I'm ready for a beer."
When Jim nodded, I led the way to the kitchen and
extracted two beers from the refrigerator. I turned on
the TV to catch the news as we sipped.
"Police say that they captured a gunman who was about
to assassinate Doctor Bill Butcher in Seattle," the
bright-faced talking head pronounced in her cheerful
way. "A passing police officer spotted Charles Colt as
he was taking aim from behind a bush. Apparently Colt
was so engrossed in taking aim that he never saw the
officer who came up and disarmed him before he could
Jim and I looked at each other, stunned by this new
development.Continued in Part 22
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